Happy Holidays!

Making a difference by design…

Happy holidays!

Yay, the countdown is on, last few days! Time to take a break, relax and recharge.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing summer break. Time to restore and be inspired.

The best ideas pop up when you are relaxed and feel in control of your life.

Remember where Newton was when he came up with the law of gravity?…. Exactly! He was dreaming under that apple tree! (more on that here in my The Smile Factor post.)

So take a leaf out of Newton’s book and relax. Who knows what ideas you’ll come up with? The year 2020 left us with plenty of inspiration to do things different, to improve.

Have a wonderful Christmas, may your break be full of joy, and your minds be full of the possibilities that a New Year brings. I look forward to hear all your ideas, solutions and ponderings!

Bring on 2021!

Let’s design for the better!

Onwards & upwards!



About Saskia

Saskia is a new product development expert. She helps organisations to unlock their potential to consistently deliver new products faster, better, more profitable and with more fun.

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