In-house training series


  • Quarterly breakfast training sessions on the latest thinking and tools.  
  • Pick from a buffet of topics to suit your team’s needs.


  • Trained team – armed with the latest thinking.
  • Know how to develop new products faster, better, more profitable.
  • Boost the team’s knowledge and motivation –  fun, relevant.
  • Fresh energy delivered to your door.
  • The goodness of regular fresh thinking and learning for the team. 

Quarterly sessions – ca. 2hrs each. – Could be a breakfast session to kickstart the day

Pick from a buffet of options:

  • Fast-tracking product development (preventing loopbacks, Lean NPD thinking) – Training in the latest thinking in NPD & Discussion re. how to apply.
  • A3-thinking workshop – 1 page tool to practically solve problems – a great way to ‘tell the story’ whilst giving the wider team insight and opportunity to correct course where needed. 
  • Designing for the circular economy – designing with the planet in mind. We’re all learning on this topic! Get up to speed on some of the latest thinking. Incl. how to apply in your roles. Training & discussion – more here
  • Climate Fresk workshop – Want to help tackle climate change but don’t have the time to become a climate scientist? In just 3 hours, this collaborative workshop will teach you the fundamental science behind climate change and empower you to take action. 
  • Design thinking – workshop – how to gain better user insights
  • 10 types of innovationtool – how to make an innovation stand out & disrupt categories.
  • Project management training, tools & tips for product development projects., 
  • & more….

Format: Run in person in the office where possible (topic & world) and backed up with an online session for those who missed the in-person session.

Agenda suggestion: meet at 7.30am w coffee/breakfast, network – 8am start workshop, run till 9.30am, Q&A, all finished by 10am – back in office. 

Interested? Get in touch.