The full Fast track Program

“How can you make all of your development projects make a lot more money – and have more fun at the same time?”

— Al Ward, MIT

Improve your product development - take it a level up!

The full 3-month Fast Track training & coaching program

Would you like your product development to go faster, to be better, to be more profitable, more consistent, more manageable?

Have you tried to improve it and not making much progress? Feel like you are treading water, but not going anywhere?

The good news is you can get it sorted this term. 

This program takes your NPD up one or two levels. After a few months of practice you’ll be able to step up a level again.

Which level are you currently operating at?

When NPD flows everyone is happier.

When you think about it, new products touch almost every department’s desk – from management, to marketing, sales, production, development, quality, purchasing, distribution, even finance, legal and HR.

By the end of the program you will have:

  • Overview & control – of the product development pipeline and its progress.
  • Aligned – the wider team (of all departments) aligned, communicating, and working well together.
  • Focus – NPD roadmap & strategy in place: focus on strategic hits and link to end user insights.
  • Up to speed – The team is trained up in the Basics and the Latest thinking in NPD
  • Engaged – your team is engaged, enjoying their work and keen to continue improving.
  • Hours back in your day to focus on the other parts of the business
  • Confidence – with the tools to make the right decisions at the right time.

This will have your business on track to reach its business goals.

It gives you time back in your day to focus on the other parts of your role.

3 Dials to set

I use this model. I think of it as three dials on a vault that need to be in tune: the company set up (which includes mindset around NPD, organisational chart, strategy), the systems (capturing & prioritising ideas, effective project management, visibility) and the teams’ skills (avoiding loopbacks, smarter problem solving, capturing & reusing knowledge).

Together we can get these dials in the right position for your organisation. Lifting the engagement, creating an effective and efficient running product development pipeline.

Let’s ‘click’ the dials in place and unlock a world of goodness – an empowered team that continues to improve.

And it’s quick.

Over a few sessions and some 1-0-1 mentoring, I can get a team up a level and stay there. Which has Product Development flowing faster, smoother and more profitable (30% more margin ok for you?).

We work together over three 1-day workshops (in-house). Each workshop is followed by weekly mentor calls with the key leader (or team). 

A practical simple approach with a people lens.

Bring the fun back in product development!

This program is…

ideal for you if:

  • you are an executive, company leader, product development or innovation manager who is frustrated with the status quo.
  • you would love your product development to be faster, better, more profitable and more fun.
  • you are curious and like to learn, to improve
  • you want a proven, effective system to help you and your team to deliver better new products faster consistently.
  • you want to increase the ROI of new products
  • you want reduce your hours worrying about product development
  • you love to do things better

not for you if:

  • you are looking for a ‘copy & paste’ template (that’s a requested structure and it doesn’t work)
  • you are looking for a magic bullet (hiring someone from Apple won’t solve it)
  • you are not interested in learning
The results

Here’s what I have achieved for my clients, with the 3-month ‘Fast track NPD’ program:

  • 30% more margin
  • 12.5% productivity gain
  • Halved lead times
  • Customer complaints reduced by 60%
  • Rework reduced by 33%
  • Team engagement up by 52%.
For pricing and more info, just contact me.