The difference a day makes…

Which week is this for you? For the kids it’s week 3 at school.

It feels a bit like week 3 for me as well. Even though it isn’t. But there’s something about this time of the year (and maybe this year especially) that makes me want to start with a clean slate.  To clear my plate of all the jobs and tasks and start ‘properly’.

Recognise that feeling?

I realised that that feeling actually slowed me right down. It drains energy.  Looking at a list of actions, most of which were there last year as well….  High time to take back control and improve. I prioritised a chunk of time this week to create a solid plan to reach my goals and more importantly, I put in place the structures to actually make it happen. To start implementing and get that great feeling of progress.

Can you feel the energy?

The irony is that I teach my clients how to do this every day. And I know it works. My clients, like Barkers of Geraldine, get great results. All I had to do is walk my talk. Doh! Easy said, harder to do. Uh huh!

I’m now the proud owner of a solid plan, with actions, plus a way to track progress easily, all visual sitting on my wall (so even when I close my laptop it’s still there), and with a support network in place to keep me honest and on track.

And now I’ve told you as well. 

Which is exactly what needs to happen because it’s hard to make changes when you’re in the team (and even harder when you’re like me and you are the team). Much easier to spot what needs to happen and change things when you’re an outsider, with a fresh pair of eyes and new voice, that gets listened to differently.

What I can do when I’m the outside expert is be not in your team. I get paid to challenge, to bring fresh ideas, to suggest new ways of doing things, to question. Which makes you all a team vs. me.

And that’s where improving NPD starts.

Because NPD is team work. That new product on it’s way from idea through development, production and into the market touches almost everyone’s desk in your organisation.  If everyone is aligned, all noses in the same direction, it greatly improves the chances to get a great product out the door.

The difference it makes?

Here’s what my clients have achieved:

  • 12.5% productivity gain
  • Team engagement up by 52%
  • 30% more margin,
  • halved lead times,
  • 60% down on customer complaints.

It all started with a 1-day workshop.

Are you ready for a fresh start?
New (financial) year, new start?!

With a solid plan and a team ready to start implementing and make progress?

Take control, lift the energy and have fun!

All that stands between you and being on your way to great results is a few hours of hard (thinking) work.

Which can be a lot of fun in a 1-day workshop. It’s just a phone call away.

You, the team vs. me.

Bring it on!

Let’s design for the better!

Onwards & upwards,

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Saskia is a new product development expert. She helps organisations to unlock their potential to consistently deliver new products faster, better, more profitable and with more fun.

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