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I’m walking the talk…

The irony of expertise…. It’s the taps in the plumbers house that leak. The website designer who hasn’t updated their own website in ages. The marketing expert not marketing themselves. Or the new product development specialist who hasn’t launched a new product… Ouch! … in like…a little while (or maybe 15 years.. arghh!) Doh!

Instead of launching something new I kept refining my service. It’s safe. It was fun. And it worked. Until times changed.

I’ve always had mentors to push me along and keep me focused on improving. The current ones (the tribe at Thought Leaders) are great at challenging me. (Hopefully you’ve noticed some of the changes over the past few months!)

One of those challenges is to launch new services regularly and to be playful with that.

Being ok with failing. Easy said. Hard to do. We’re not wired to do that. We’re always aiming to pass. It’s what we learned in all our years at school. Pass, pass, pass. Do Not fail.

And we know that not everyone can win. In the Thought Leaders course Matt compares it to Olympic athletes: athletes are in it to win that Olympic gold medal AND they know that there’s only one and therefore a high likelihood they won’t get it (especially if you’re not an African marathon runner). The athletes play to win. They train hard. And they know they might fail. And they’re light with that. It’s part of the game.

Gameful lightness.

In my business course the lightness is build it into the game. The plan is to launch a new product every quarter and you fully expect 50% to fail. Do that over three years and you’ll have launched 12 ideas, of which 6 work – which (hopefully) generates the income you want.

Having a structure like that makes it fun to try out new ideas. Of course you still pick the top ideas, the ones you think will make the dollars, but you get to be light with it. And if after a quarter it doesn’t make the returns, I can say I’ve tried it, I gave it a good push, it didn’t work. It failed. Let’s give the next idea a go.

It’s like they say at Amway:

“Some will, some won’t, so what? – Move on! “

How can you get gameful lightness going in your organisation?

On that note, do check out my new service below.  (And keep me honest – if you don’t see a new service every quarter, call me out!)

Let’s design for the better!

Onwards & upwards!



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