6 weeks holiday

Making a difference by design…

Would you like 6 weeks back in your year?

What would you do with 6 weeks of free time back in your year?

(Travel idea: my hometown Queenstown! – sorry, had to put the plug in! 🙂 )

I just gave a client 6 weeks back in his year. Not my words – his!  

We just finished the review of my project with his company. (Yes, I walk my talk. A project isn’t finished until you’ve reviewed it and taken the learnings.)  We had completed a 3-month programme to help the company to fast track its product development. Faster, better, more profitable new products, consistently. The company is now well on its way to deliver a continuous stream of profitable high-quality new products faster and they are having more fun doing it.

My last interview question to the CEO was: ‘What was something that was unexpected that you got as an outcome of my project?’ His answer:

“A whole lot of less worrying.”

And when I asked:  “How much? Say an hour a day?”
He replied: “Easily that!”

1 hour per day, that equates to 6 weeks per year.
What would you do with that time?

And, to top that, it wasn’t just the CEO’s time that we saved, we saved that in the team’s time as well. That’s a full team all saving 6 weeks each… want to put a dollar value on that?

Would you like an hour back in your day? Every day?

Give me a ring! A chat is the first step.

Let’s design for the better!

Onwards & upwards,

Here’s the CEO’s quote: 
“Now, 3 months later, the number of loopbacks we make is significantly less. Which makes a huge difference for our BAU teams. It saves me a lot of worrying. Easily an hour less worrying per day!”

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