Life by design…

Blog 9. Tue 12 May 2020

Making a difference by design…

Life by design…

Thought leader Peter Cook emailed me this:

“There is a great opportunity for creating a life-by-design in amongst all this craziness.

For many of us, lots and lots and lots of stuff has been taken out of our lives. For the last two months we haven’t taken our kids to school, swimming, gymnastics, playdates, playgrounds … or anywhere else, for that matter.

We haven’t been to restaurants, cafes, shops … or anywhere other than to the supermarket. We haven’t driven, gone on holidays, caught up with friends (except virtually), and so it goes.

Lots of things have been taken away.

As restrictions ease and we can start to do more, be conscious of what you put back in. Don’t automatically revert to what life was.

Consciously choose what you let back in.”

Pete’s message made me wonder and ponder…

What are you choosing to bring back into your life? And at work? In NPD?
What worked well during lock-down that’s worth keeping? In your project, in your team?

Look forward to your thoughts!

Let’s design for the better!

Onwards & upwards,

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