Going against the tide: we’ve got this!

Blog 3. Tue 17 Mar 2020

Making a difference by design…

Going against the tide: we’ve got this!
What a weird time we’re in. It’s fast moving and changing rapidly. Decisions are being made fast.
Just a word from the wise: when it comes to new product development, if at all possible, try to keep NPD going.

It’s like any investments, in a downturn go against the tide. It’s the time to make the gains. You’ll come out of the downturn better, quicker and stronger.

Now is a good time to implement lean & agile thinking. It is the faster and cheaper way to design better and more profitable products.

If you’re receiving this email, chances are you have already been exposed to this thinking when you met me. Remember the Wright brothers’ example? How they managed to build their plane in a super short time, for a fraction of the cost, by bringing the learning up front. Now is the time for you to start flying kites!

I know that you are uniquely qualified to face these challenges with resilience, creativity and through it all, respect for people. It’s what we do in product development!

As Katherine Radeka states in her book High Velocity Innovation:
“Unless the company’s survival is at stake, the innovation programs continue. Even then, innovative thinking can make the difference between prosperity and bankruptcy.”

Innovating is a mindset, you don’t stop. The biggest opportunities come up when everyone else is focused on something else.

Keep your team focused on NPD. They’ll help you to get in a fit state for the recovery. Economist Tony Alexander recommends this in his 2-page post, which has a good overview and great tips for businesses, households and investors. (He’s refined it more in his post from 16th March).

Just let your team know I’m here, ready to help via phone, email and video calls.

Let’s keep the learning going, keep the momentum up!

Like any good Dutchie can tell you: (when on a bike) don’t stop paddling, it’s a sure way to lose the race (or your balance)!

My coaching sessions via phone and Zoom continue as normal.
Just flick me an email or call me if you’re interested in learning more.

Now, go do great things! We’ve got this!

Onwards & upwards,


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