Better by design…

Blog 1. Thu 5 Mar 2020
Making a difference by design…

Better by design… there’s something in that phrase that really clicks with me. Whoever came up with that line (and named the NZTE programme after it) truly got me.

As a designer this goes right to my core – I love designing (my life, a process, a product, a service, a solution, you name it) and I love seeing New Zealand designs do well on the world stage. (I love watching #RichardShirtcliffe’s venture take the Noho chair designed by #Formwaydesign into the USA.)

I’m keen to do my bit to help promote and improve New Zealand design and till date I have struggled with how I could make a bigger difference. Until last week, when a great mentor (thank you #JaquieScammel!) challenged me to do something simple: “just share your learnings, ideas, your solutions. Post it!” As simple as that.

Jaquie set me a challenge to share an insight every week… And my competitive spirit kicked in – give me a worthy challenge and make me feel I can’t do it and I will darn well prove you wrong… #JaquieScammell, challenge accepted!

Which has a beautiful silver lining for you: every week I will share my design learnings and insights with you, direct to your inbox and posted on LinkedIn  I’ll share what I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) in 20+ years of working in and with design projects. I’ll share my tricks, tips, shortcuts, ’watch-out’s and clever solutions for free with you – direct to your inbox!

And hopefully this way I will help NZ to design better and become better by design.

I promise to keep the emails short and sweet and aim to give you valuable insights.
Please help me in return by sending me your feedback and thoughts so I can make sure my messages are spot-on! Just me babbling away to the ether doesn’t work for me – I thrive on feedback!

I look forward to hearing from you!
(Or see you at the always well-designed experience that is the Better by Design CEO Summit at Villa Maria’s fantastic venue in Auckland next week. A few last minute tickets are available here.)

Let’s design for the better!

Onwards & upwards,

ps. I am designing new programmes for my customers – give me a ring (021-68 49 68) or hit reply here to have chat!