4 ideas to make a difference

Making a difference by design…

Four ideas for you:
One new look, one thought to ponder, one tip, and a game for you:

  1. Brand new website
  2. Race to zero – what’s your job?
  3. Certificate – highly recommend!
  4. Game – play to learn!

Fresh new website! Check it out!

Fresh new look & feel and updated with all my offers. Check it out: vandergeest.co.nz
Love to hear your thoughts and ideas to improve!

Race to zero – What’s your job?

A while ago I read this quote from architect, designer & futurist R. Buckminister Fuller:

“What is my job on the planet?

What is it that needs doing,

that I know something about,

that probably won’t happen unless I take responsibility for it?”

It made me think…  
And then I read…

To help our planet and reach the UN’s climate goals we need lots of innovation and we need it fast.
What needs doing is to improve our carbon emissions.
We need to get to zero, and we need lots of innovations to help us get there
I’ve helped over 70 companies to fast track their product development.  I know something about how to innovate faster, better.
I can take responsibility for teaching as many businesses as I can on how to tackle more projects, quicker & better.
I’ve seen the palm oil plantations, the plastic pollution in the ocean, the coral reduction. I’d love to show my kids that we can reverse all that and leave them a better planet.

I’m on a mission to improve our planet faster.
Making a difference by design.

I’m using my unique skillset to fast-track projects. Helping teams to change the world faster.

You can help:  
If you have (or know of) any projects that need to go faster, get in touch!
Every year matters. We can’t afford for these projects to run over time, over budget.

Let’s fast track our way to net zero!
Let’s design for the better! 

Onwards & upwards,

More here: https://www.vandergeest.co.nz/programs/next-innovation-wave/


It’s a learners journey – there is a lot to learn about the climate. There is an overwhelming large supply of books, podcasts, websites and tools.

Here’s one course I can highly recommend if you’re wanting to know how to design for a better planet:
I finished the awesome course ‘Designing for the Circular economy’ by Delft University (online). Highly recommend it. It’s the best course I’ve done in years. The Circular Design framework clearly lays out where to focus your innovation. It makes for a fantastic tool, with a positive, optimistic focus.
Sustainability is the driver of the current innovation wave. It’s great to have a framework like the Circular Design Butterfly model to help work out which track to take. (More on that next time, or if you can’t wait, connect with me).

If you’re looking for those big $30m+ ideas, this will be the area to look.

I am passionate about helping more businesses to make a difference by design. It’s a learner journey for all of us. Start learning! You’ll be a better leader for it. Get in touch.


Great game to play (your teenagers can play it too) from the Financial Times website:
(Thank you Ella for the tip!): 

See if you can save the world…

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