About Us

About Van der Geest Consultancy

Van der Geest is a consultancy experienced in developing and launching new products. Although the name is new, the company has been in business since 2005.


Getting new products to market can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, not to mention the costly mistakes that can be made along the way.

For owners of companies who are interested in improving their profits or gaining more market share, the Fast Track 7 step system, is a consulting service that helps you make sure you position your new product / service for maximum success.

The Fast Track 7 step system helps you launch more successful projects quicker.

Unlike others that you might consider or doing it all yourself, we have launched over a hundred products (& businesses) onto the market. We know how to set your project up for success.

We are a professional consulting firm but this is where the similarity to our competitors ends.  Our purpose is to deliver results, not just reports and advice.

We help large blue chip companies like Bluebird (potato chips) claim back market share by developing and launching the Delisio brand for them. The brand became nr 2 with in 3 months, which is unheard of in their market.

And we help small companies, like Smartbox (storage company) to go from an idea around the dining table to a multi-million dollar company, now setting up in Oz.


Saskia has successfully launched over a hundred products onto the NZ market. She was DB Breweries’ first NPD manager and responsible for the launch of Monteith’s Radler and the Heineken long neck bottle, both still going strong since 2002.

With over 19 years experience focusing on NPD, 10 years experience working in FMCG and backed by a MSc degree in Industrial Design Engineering of Technische Universiteit Delft, she knows how to fast track the development and launch profitable projects.

Her most recent project got #1 ranking in its category within 8 weeks.

It’s her know-how of the market, her experience running NPD projects, and her in-depth knowledge & understanding of the NPD process that makes her the expert.

We understand & speak the jargon of all the specialists involved in the NPD process, which is what has got us the reputation for getting results.

Saskia is a committee member of the New Zealand chapter of the international PDMA (Product Development & Management Association).

Saskia is a lecturer for The University of Auckland’s Business School Short Courses program.

We invite you to contact us today to learn how we can help you position your projects for success.

We work together with master mind partners where and when required. These partners are specialist consultants in:

  • Project management – specialists in Lean, Critical Chain, 6 Sigma
  • Category management specialists
  • Marketing management specialists

We are proud to be independent and will always advise you 3 different solutions or suppliers.  We keep in touch with a large range of suppliers:

  • Advertising & media agencies
  • Web designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Promotional companies
  • Printers
  • R&D specialists, incl. Food Technologists
  • Packaging specialists
  • Etc.